The ashes of a dead body are very useful after burning.


Desk: According to Hindu customs, whenever a person dies, the process of burning his dead body is done, it is believed that after burning, if a person has done good deeds then he goes to heaven and bad deeds are not done. If he has done his deeds then he goes to hell, but before going to heaven or hell, he is thrown into the fire.

When a dead body is burnt it turns into ash. There is a lot of mention of big rivers in India, in such a situation they are also worshiped for respect and honor and all of them are considered very sacred. Most of the ashes of the dead body are thrown into the rivers. Most of the ashes of Hindu people are thrown into the river Ganga.

As soon as his ashes are scattered, he takes refuge in God. Let us tell you that after the death of a human being, most of the phosphorus is found in the dead body. Wherever this phosphorus goes, it makes the soil fertile, hence according to the old sages of Hindu religion, every thing has its own unique significance due to which everything is necessary in Hindu religion.

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