Of which metal are the coins of Rs 2, 5 and Rs 10 kept in the pocket made?


Desk: There must be some coin present in your and our pockets at this time, all these coins are brought in the Indian market by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In such a situation, you might have wondered what metal this coin is made of, many people say that it is made of steel. Some say that it is made of iron and some say that it is made of some type of metal, but today we are going to tell you what this coin is made of.

For more information, let us tell you that these coins are manufactured in Hyderabad, Noida, Mumbai and Kolkata. Different types of metal are used to make coins, hence, according to the type of coin, different metal is made. Most of the coins are made of chromium and iron. The Rs 10 coin is a little different, it is made from another metal. Its weight is 7 grams but the yellow colored metal in it is 4 milligrams.

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