Motel: You must have stayed in hotels a lot.


Motel: Actually, arrangements are made to stay in the hotel and if you want to eat, then you also get food to eat. When you go to a hotel, you stay there for more than a day and every hotel has a different design due to which you get photographs taken there, but nothing like this happens in a motel. Actually the motel started during the 1930s.

There was a time when the drivers of the vehicles running at high speed on the highway used to get tired during long journeys, due to which they used to rest in the tents built on the side of the highway, they used to rest for two-three hours and after that He would again set out on his long journey. There is no provision for food or anything else in the motel. If you just want to stay and take some rest then you can go to Motel but unlike a hotel, you will not get the facilities like Motel.

Motels are not prevalent at all in India. The word Motel has come from abroad. In India, you will definitely see dhabas which are present on big highways, in such a situation, most of the truck drivers and people traveling long distances eat at dhabas but we cannot call them motels because motel means motor + hotel which has all the amenities. The doors open towards the hotel only.

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