Train License: Is a license required to run a train also?


Train License: If you are a resident of India then you must be well aware of Indian Railways. To become a loco pilot in Indian Railways, training is required, due to which Indian Railways recruits loco pilots every year. Any person who prepares to become a loco pilot has to undergo a test.

In such a situation, when a person is going through such a huge process of training, he gets a different level of status. When a loco pilot is trained, he is told about the engine of the train and at the same time, the test of a loco pilot is also taken by his division, let us tell you that anyone can become a loco pilot, after the completion of the training. Certificate is given. After that permission is given to run the train.

This certificate, in a way, works as a license for the loco pilot; as soon as he gets this certificate, the loco pilot can drive the train. First of all, a loco pilot has to drive a goods train. After that gradually they are given passenger trains and then express trains. In the last days of their job, most of the senior people drive superfast trains.

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