If you miss your train, can you travel in another train on the same ticket? Know the rules of Railways….

If you miss your train, can you travel in another train on the same ticket? Know the rules of Railways….

Railway: Many times a passenger books a train ticket but when the train arrives, he is not able to reach on time. This can happen due to many reasons, either he leaves home late or gets late due to traffic jam on the way and due to this your train leaves.

Apart from this, due to overcrowding at the railway station, many times passengers are not able to board the train. After missing the train, the question that comes in every person’s mind is whether we will be able to board the next train on our existing ticket? Or will we have to buy a new ticket again?
But whether you will be able to travel in the next train with that ticket or not depends on the class of your ticket. Indian Railways tickets are valid only for the train and class of journey for which they have been booked. This means that you cannot use the ticket of a particular train to travel in another train.

However, passengers holding ‘Tatkal’ tickets and ‘Premium Tatkal’ tickets are allowed to board another train on the same day, subject to certain conditions. If you have a general class ticket, then after leaving your train, you can travel by sitting in the next passenger train with the same ticket.

You may have to pay a fine

If you have a confirmed ticket booked online i.e. not a Tatkal or Premium Tatkal ticket, then you will be treated as a ticketless passenger in the next train. If TTE catches you in such a situation, you will have to pay a fine. If you want to travel in the next train, you will have to buy another reserve ticket.

Refund on missing train

According to a report, if you have missed your train then you can get back the money for this much ticket. To get a refund, you will not have to cancel the ticket but will have to file TDR. You can file TDR within one hour of departure of the train from the charting station. But the refund money will be given to you as per the rules of Railways. You will also have to give the reason for not travelling. The thing to keep in mind is that if you cancel the ticket after the chart is prepared, you will not get a refund.

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