According to Hindu religion Manu came first, then according to Muslims who came first?


Many types of religions exist on this earth. In such a situation, every religion has its own beliefs. The most prevalent religions at present are Hindu and Muslim. Today we will tell you who were the first two people to come to this earth and who started this world. According to Hindu people, Manu and Satarupa were the first to come to this earth.

According to Hindu religion, he was the one who started life but Muslims believe something else, so let us know who according to Muslims came to this earth first. According to the Quran, the religious text of Muslims, Adam and Eve were the first to come to earth. If we look at the Bible, the Bible says that Adam and Eve were the first to come to earth.

But if we look from the other side from scientific reason, science does not believe this. According to science, Amoeba was the first to come on this earth, Amoeba was formed by the process of millions of types of cells. Today that amoeba has taken many forms, one of which is human being.

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