How did the famous Amrik-Sukhdev Dhaba of Murthal open in the war of 2 brothers? who is the owner


Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba Story People from around Delhi often visit Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba and express their desire to eat food. The paratha of this dhaba is very famous, but today we will tell you the story behind it?

This was when Haryana was not separated from Punjab. Let us tell you that a Sardar (Laxman Singh) used to run that dhaba. That Sardar had two sisters, out of which the first sister had four sons, but the Sardar needed more people to run the dhaba, due to which he adopted a son of his sister. Let us tell you that Sardar did not have any children, due to which his other sister also expressed her wish to adopt his son also. In such a situation, two persons named Prakash Singh and Lal Singh gathered near Sardar ji.

But after some time, Lal Singh became adamant that he will run the dhaba, then Sardar got into a lot of trouble and Sardar ji again started making arrangements to find a new place for Prakash Singh. In such a situation, many drivers said that they should open a dhaba on GT Road, earlier this area used to fall in Punjab but now it falls in Haryana. Let us tell you that this road is so big that through it you can reach Afghanistan from Bangladesh. This route is one of the very old trade routes, vehicles keep coming and going on this route for a long time.

How did the name Amrit-Sukhdev come to be: But you must be wondering how it got the name Amrit-Sukhdev, then let us tell you that when Prakash Singh got the place and started running the dhaba well, his 2 children grew up and When his children grew up, he asked what should we name our restaurant? So Prakash Singh said that there is no need to think too much about this, I will name the dhaba after both of you, so the name of the first child was Amrik and the name of the second child was Sukhdev, in this case both the names of the brothers. This dhaba was completed and is famous till today.

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