Fastest Train In India: Neither Tejas, nor Duronto


Fastest Train In India: At present, different classes of trains are running in the country, many trains like Tejas, Duronto, Express run at very high speed, but do you know which is the fastest train? Does it work? Today we are going to tell you which train in India used to run faster than the speed of a leopard. Let us tell you that this train leaves behind the speed of 130 kilometers because the speed of 130 kilometers is that of a cheetah, this train runs at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour and this train was started 5 years ago and is being used in many cities of the country. It connects the districts.

People use this train to go to the major tourist destinations of the country, the name of this train is Vande Bharat Express. There are some features in this train which are worth seeing in themselves. Let us tell you that this train is absolutely modern and with so many features, this train in itself is the first favorite choice for the people. This train has automatic GPS, camera, cold water for drinking, facility to heat food and 180 degree rotating seat. In this train you can comfortably travel to many districts of the North-East in just a few hours.

Vande Bharat coaches have been made sound proof. In such a situation, no outside noise comes inside this train. At the same time, it has been designed keeping carbon print in mind, due to which this train runs very fast.

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