Longest Railway Station name: Will neither be spoken nor remembered


Longest Railway Station name: Many things are taken into consideration while naming railway stations. Any place has historical and cultural importance. At the same time, the geographical features present there, local language and preferences, administrative approach, economic and commercial importance matter a lot. In the process of naming, the cooperation of the officer of that place is taken.

Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta, what happened? You can't read it, right? If you have to go to this place, what will you say at the ticket counter? Many Hindi speaking people will get confused in pronouncing this name. Let us tell you that this railway station is present in Andhra Pradesh. If you sit and count, there are 28 words in it. Many people are not able to pronounce the name of this station.

According to their convenience, people call it by 3 names, first is Venkatanarasimha Rajuvaripeta Railway Station, second is Sri Venkata Narasimha Rajuvaripeta Railway Station and third is V N Rajuvaripeta Railway Station. Similarly, there are many stations in India which have very interesting names.

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