Success Story: No place to reside.Father is a handicapped mason.Son will join DRDO…

Success Story: No place to reside.Father is a handicapped mason.Son will join DRDO...

Success Story: If someone wants to be successful, poverty should not stand in their way. A child who previously lived in a tarpaulin shack has found success. He has just received a call from DRDO. Father is a mason by profession. There weren’t enough individuals in the house to support a permanent structure. But the son is now going to alleviate everyone’s grief through his hard work.

We’re talking about Sudeep Maiti from Panskura. Sudeep’s father is a mason but has been ill for a long time. As a result, the mother takes on the role of running the family. Mother works as a beedi maker, but she does not let poverty or a lack of resources stand in her way. Now, the family’s son has received a call from the Defense Research Development Organization. His family, neighbors, and community members are overjoyed with the accomplishment of this remarkable student from a low-income home.
Sudeep lives in Mohammad Murad Maiti Pada, which is part of Purushottampur Gram Panchayat in Panskura Block. Sudeep’s father, Govinda Maiti, is a mason by profession. His family consists of three boys and daughters. Govinda, who had constructed houses for people all his life, was unable to build one for himself and his family. In fact, his wages as a mason did not allow him to save enough money to build a roof for his family.

Sudeep finished his primary school at the village’s Chak Durga Primary School, but he was gifted from a young age. He received 70% in his Higher Secondary Science test from Purvachilka Lalchand High School. Following this, he earned a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic College in Sealdah. He then went on to study B.Tech at a private college in Kolkata. He is now completing his M.Tech studies at IIT Guwahati.

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