Bullet Train Deal: Will India buy 6 bullet trains from Japan? Know- when will the final deal be done…

Bullet Train Deal: Will India buy 6 bullet trains from Japan? Know- when will the final deal be done…

Bullet Train Updates: India’s railway network is quite large. Now Bullet Train is also going to enter India soon. After which passengers traveling in railways are going to save more time than before. Actually, according to the news, India is going to buy 6 bullet trains from Japan this month. This will be the first 6 E5 series bullet trains. Which India is going to integrate into its railways.

According to the information, the first bullet train can be started in Gujarat between June and July of the year 2026. By August 15 this year, National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited will bid on all contracts to purchase many trains and operating systems.
Two types of trains will operate

A special plan is currently being prepared to reduce the distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. During this period, passengers will get services like all stop and limited stop in this 508 km long bullet train corridor. In a train with all stops, the distance will be covered in about 2.45 minutes, while in a train with limited stops, the distance from Mumbai to Ahmedabad will be covered in just 2 hours.

Let us tell you that till January the progress of Bullet Train project has reached 40%. In which the work of this project has been completed by 48.3% in Gujarat and 22.5% in Maharashtra. However, Gujarat is ahead of Maharashtra in terms of progress. In the last one year, the construction work of about 6 bridges has been completed in Maharashtra, whereas in Gujarat, the construction work of 7 out of 20 bridges has been completed.

Ashwini Vaishnav inspected the bullet train project

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav recently inspected the Bullet Train project. During this, he said that to complete the distance of 508 kilometers between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, the Surat-Bilimora section can be started between July to August of the year 2026. After the commencement of this first section, operations on other sections will also be started soon. During this, the Railway Minister has also talked about expanding the rail network in the country.

Railway Minister held Uddhav Thackeray responsible

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav held the Uddhav Thackeray government responsible for the slow pace of the Bullet Train project. During this, the Railway Minister said that if the permission to complete this work had been obtained soon, the Bullet Train project would have made a lot of progress by now. It is noteworthy that the Uddhav Thackeray government had delayed in giving permission for the Bullet Train project in Maharashtra. Let us tell you that with the running of Bullet Train, there will be economic improvement in the country and people will get more comfortable and convenient travel than before.

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