The Indian Railways: Why shouldn’t you take a selfie on the edge of the platform Know the punishment and penalty

The Indian Railways: Why shouldn't you take a selfie on the edge of the platform Know the punishment and penalty

The Indian Railways: In today’s era of social media, everyone carries a smartphone and takes a selfie and puts it on their social media page. Now its craze is quite visible. Now people take selfies while doing their day-to-day things and work.

And post them on your social media pages. There are many people who do not know what steps they take in the race to take a selfie, which is also very dangerous. If you love taking selfies, you must read this.

This is because according to the rules of Indian Railways, taking selfies on railway platforms and train tracks can be overwhelming for you. Doing so attracts a fine of Rs 1,000 and can also land you in jail for 6 months. Let’s know about other fines and punishment provisions.

The Railways Act, 1989

The Railways Act, 1989 applies to every railway station in India and the area of the tracks of every train laid. Violation of these rules can lead to various penalties and fines. Sections 145 and 147 of the Railways Act, 1989, prescribe punishment for taking selfies at the risk of life.

Taking a selfie on the side of the railway track or platform (towards the railway track) is also considered a punishable offence. A fine of Rs 1000 will be imposed if anyone is caught taking such a selfie. In addition, such a person can also be imprisoned for 6 months.

Ministry of Railways and Indian Railways appeal

In such a situation, the Ministry of Railways and Indian Railways keep appealing to passengers and others not to take selfies on railway tracks and platforms. Advertisements have also been issued in this regard. Along with this, people are also being appealed through social media not to make such mistakes.

Indian Railways says that you should not take selfies by risking your life in this way. Therefore, do not try to take a selfie by risking your life. This can result in fines and imprisonment.

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