Now these people will not have to pay any toll tax they can travel anywhere in the country see – List


Toll Tax: Recently the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has taken several stringent steps to smoothen the flow of toll tax. But still people have to wait in long queues at the toll plazas.

Many people go to get out of the toll plaza for free but they also make various excuses for this. But according to the innocent people of NHAI five categories of vehicles do not need to pay toll tax at the toll plaza. Let us tell you in which categories you will not have to pay toll tax and what are your rights in such a situation

The following vehicles are exempt:

  • Emergency services
  • Defence services
  • VIP vehicles
  • Public transport
  • Two wheelers

Fire brigade ambulance and police vehicle are exempted from paying toll in case of emergency as per the directions of NHAI. Defence vehicles in service under the Army Navy or Air Force have also been exempted and VIP vehicles carrying the President Prime Minister High Court Judges to foreign dignitaries on state visits have also been exempted. At some national highway plazas except for two-wheelers public transport vehicles and two-wheelers operated by the state government also get exemption from toll tax.

You can also get a discount in this case.

However private vehicles are not exempted from the tax. However as per the new guidelines of NHAI queues of more than 100 metres are not allowed. Each vehicle at the toll plaza need not take 10 seconds of service time.

If these conditions are not fulfilled and the queue is more than 100 meters long then according to the rules the toll staff will be allowed to take the vehicle free of charge until it comes within 100 meters of the queue.

There is a yellow line at every toll lane to find out the limit of 100 meters. You can easily see that. This has been done to promote a sense of accountability among toll plaza operators.

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