Now the circle of brokers is over! You will get a confirmed Tatkal ticket easily, know the whole process

Now the circle of brokers is over! You will get a confirmed Tatkal ticket easily, know the whole process

The Indian Railway News: Indian Railways is the most comfortable means of travel in the country. Due to the high number of passengers traveling by train, it becomes difficult to get tickets in the train. Sometimes people make plans to go somewhere.

In such a situation, they have to take Tatkal tickets, but for Tatkal tickets, the time period is fixed. Because of this, it takes a lot of effort to get tickets here. In such a situation, IRCTC brings a master list for you, after completing the process of which it becomes easy to get your confirmed ticket. So let’s know.

In fact, to solve this problem of passengers, the Railways has started the ‘Master List Feature’, in which you can update the details of the passengers even before the instant window opens. You just have to make the payment as soon as the instant window opens and the confirmed ticket will be booked. Due to this facility, it has become very easy to book Tatkal tickets. Let’s know how you can book tickets from the master list.

The whole process of using the master list

Log in to your IRCTC account. Go to My Account and click on the My Profile section. As soon as you click on My Profile, you will see the option of ‘Add / Modify Master List’.

After opening the master list, enter the passenger’s name, age, gender, birth, ID information. Then click the submit button. After this, the master list will be prepared. at the time of booking tickets. Click on My Passenger List. After this, you can easily get a confirmed ticket by paying.

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