How to make a career in E-Commerce.

How to make a career in E-Commerce.

How to make a career in e commerce ?

E-commerce has become an important part of business in today’s time. After the arrival of 4G internet, e-commerce slowly started settling in people’s mind, but after the arrival of Kovid 19, its form has completely changed.

When people were imprisoned in their homes, people were fulfilling most of their needs through e-commerce business, which is why e-commerce business is going to happen in the coming time. The work which was supposed to be done after 10 years from now, that work has started happening only after Kovid 19, which is why there is a lot of employment opportunities for the youth in this field in the coming time.

If any student is interested in e-commerce or has a passion for digital work, then this career can be a good option for them. In this article, we are going to give you complete information about e commerce career, what is e commerce, how to make a career in e commerce. And so on

E-commerce industry is currently the fastest growing industry. Where people are losing their jobs. On the other hand, youth are getting jobs every day in the e-commerce industry. According to a report, after the arrival of Kovid 19, about 46 percent people want to avoid the market crowd. Due to which there has been a huge boom in online shopping.

E-Commerce market
Ever since the era of digitization started. Since then the e-commerce industry was growing rapidly. But after the arrival of Covid 19, its speed has already increased many qualities. Earlier people used to shy away from shopping online. Today they are also ordering the same sitting at home.

The market for e-commerce is estimated to be $ 24 billion in the year 2017, $ 50 billion in the year 2019, $ 100 billion in 2022. According to some statistics, this industry can reach about $ 200 billion. As fast as the number of internet users is increasing, the e-commerce industry is getting the same benefit. At present there are about 64 crore internet users in our country.

How fast is the e commerce industry growing. According to that, by the coming year 2034, India can also overtake America in the e-commerce industry.

what is E-Commerce
Today’s era is the age of digital, that is why every industry is doing its business in a digital way. Be it private sector or government departments, all digital technology is adopting, which saves a lot of their time.

In today’s time, online technology is being used to perform tasks ranging from mobile recharge to rail ticket, air ticket, taxi booking, food ordering etc.

Now you can also sell the old stuff lying in the house online while sitting at home. If seen in all these works, then one thing is common and that is internet without internet it is not possible to do all these tasks in this way.

Buying and selling anything similar with the help of internet online comes under all e commerce.

In E-Commerce, distribution, buying, selling, marketing and servicing of goods and services through the Internet is made available at the primary level. The company is making new websites to do its business in the way of e-commerce.

In today’s time, as big as it is, everyone’s websites are present on the Internet, even those who do not are engaged in making them.

Qualifications in E-Commerce
To make a career in the field of e-commerce, first of all, it is mandatory for you to pass your 12th examination. To pass the 12th, if you have a computer subject, then it will be better, after that you can enroll in degree diploma courses related to e-commerce.

Some courses related to E-Commerce
B.Sc in E-Business
MBA in E-Business
MBA in E Commerce
PG Diploma in Commerce
B.Com in E-commerce
MBA in E Commerce Management
MSc in E Commerce
MSc in Information Technology and E Commerce
Advance Diploma in E Commerce
PG Diploma in E Commerce and Web Technology
Diploma in E Commerce
Master in E Commerce
Master of Engineering in E Commerce
Master of Science in E Commerce Application
Post Graduate Diploma in E Commerce Application
PG Diploma in Information Technology and Management
e commerce visual application developer

Topics to be taught in e commerce courses
product sales
Inventory Management
Customer Service & Marketing
computer technology
e business security
customer service
logistic service
business management
Website making and designing
Online Marketing / Digital Marketing
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Entrance exam for e commerce courses
For admission in the courses related to e-commerce, some big institutes of the country also take entrance exams after 12th. Only those students who qualify it get admission. In this entrance exam, questions are asked from 10th class Maths, Reasoning, English and General Knowledge.

Job posts in e commerce for youth
Website UI UX Developer Website UX/UI Developer
The main task of the youth working in this position is to create a user friendly website. On which the customer can easily see his favorite item and he opens that website again and again. If you have created such a website to sell your products. On which customers find it very difficult to search the product, then you cannot earn from your website.

interactive designer
After preparing the roadmap of the website, it is now the task of the interactive designer to design it, so that once the customer visiting the website likes to buy the product again and again from that website.

graphics designer
By doing graphics designer, the main task is to make the best catalog of the products to be sold and to draw images according to their different products, so that the customer can be attracted to them only after seeing the image.

content experts
Website cannot be created without content. Content plays an important role in attracting maximum customers to the website. Always use effective and simple content on the website. So that the customers visiting the website can understand the information about the product properly.

SEO Experts
The help of SEO experts is taken to bring any website above other websites in Google. Because there are millions of commerce websites in the world, but most of the shopping is done from those websites only. Which appears at the top of Google.

social media experts
In today’s time, most users use social media, in such a situation, the task of social media experts is to target the customers who like their product on the social media platform.

digital marketing professionals
The main task of professionals working as digital marketing is to understand the nuances of e-commerce business and do new planning to grow it.

E-Commerce merchandising
The professionals working in this position manage all the work related to the sales and promotion of the products.

Logistics Management
Logistics plays an important role in e-commerce business to attract more and more customers to your company. If you deliver the products to a customer’s home in the right way on time without breaking feet, then the customer starts trusting your company. After this product is ordered, it is the responsibility of the logistics department to deliver it to the house.

Apart from all this, there are some positions on which you can work in the e-commerce industry.
Supply Chain Officer, Chief Finance Officer Product Development Officer Business Analyst, Marketing Manager, Product Designer Product Manager Graphics, Computer Programming. There are plenty of job opportunities in e-commerce for computer networking etc.

Some big companies of e-commerce in the country
indiamart paytm
make my trip india
Pay You Payments
salary / earnings
E-Commerce business is growing rapidly in today’s digital age. This is the reason why this business has as much scope as it earns. In this business, you decide your earnings on the basis of talent in your qualification, skills, experience.
In this business you can earn from thousands of rupees a month to lakhs of rupees a month. If you do a job as a content writer, then you can earn three lakh rupees annually in the beginning, whereas as a UI / UX developer, you get 5 to 6 lakh rupees in the beginning.

Similarly, as a digital marketing manager, you get 6 to 7 lakh rupees annually in the beginning. Whereas the Logistic Manager gets up to Rs 7 lakh. But if you start your own e commerce business then there is no limit to how much you can earn.

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