New Traffic Rule: Do you know this new rule related to ‘traffic’, know today…

New Traffic Rule: Do you know this new rule related to 'traffic', know today...

Traffic Rules: Before driving a bike, car or any other vehicle on the road, you must know all types of traffic rules. Because if you do not know the traffic rules or violate them, you may face a heavy fine. Therefore, you should drive very carefully to avoid challan on the road.

You should also follow all the traffic rules.

So that you do not have to pay heavy fine, however, sometimes even after taking care of things, challan is issued to people unwillingly. In fact, there are some rules which, if they are not aware of them, they get challaned and then later they come to know which traffic rule they have broken.

A similar rule applies to high beam lights also. Generally, people drive cars on high beam in cities, which causes a lot of trouble to other people. In fact, high beam dazzles the driver of a car or bike coming from the front. Due to which there is a possibility of many types of accidents occurring.

Therefore high beam should be used only on expressways and highways. Be careful if you use high beam in single lane or in the city. Because doing so is wrong under the Motor Vehicle Rules and you may be issued a heavy challan for it.

Before driving a car on the road, you should keep all the important documents of the car with you and you should always wear your seat belt. You must wear a helmet even while riding a bike. If you violate any traffic rule, you can be fined heavily.

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