The Bihar government has established new laws for selling land.

The Bihar government has established new laws for selling land.

Bihar Land News: Land disputes can arise anywhere in the country. Land disputes are mostly between family members. However, this will no longer be possible because only the individual named on the land can sell it.

  • To sell ancestral land, it must be divided according to the law and the Jamabandi established in one’s own name. This indicates that you must prepare the documentation prior to land distribution (Bihar Land News). The Bihar government has sent letters to all registration and sub-registrar offices, and this directive has also been followed.
  • On Thursday, just a few deeds could be registered in the Buxar and Dumraon registration offices due to the new restriction. This rule will have an influence on the Bihar government’s revenue, although instances involving land disputes will be seen less frequently. Aside from that, the impact of persons who forcefully possess someone else’s land, such as the land mafia, will be reduced.
  • The Excise, Prohibition, and Registration Department has issued directives to the Registration Officer of Buxar and the Under Registration Officer of Dumrao to carry out the rule passed by the Patna High Court on Wednesday. If someone registers the land, he must provide a certificate stating that Jamabandi has been registered in his name. If the seller’s name does not contain evidence of Jamabandi, he will be unable to register.
  • Previously, the Bihar government enforced this order on October 10, 2019, but it took so long since the case went to the High Court. Last Thursday, the High Court recognized the Bihar government’s rule. On Thursday, only selected documents could be registered via jamabandi at both of the district’s registration offices.
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