Diamond Crossing: This is the only place in the country where trains come simultaneously from all four directions? See- pictures….

Diamond Crossing: This is the only place in the country where trains come simultaneously from all four directions? See- pictures….

Diamond Crossing: The railway network in India is very large. Thousands of kilometers long railway tracks are laid here. These tracks run together in many numbers and sometimes even cross each other. Whereas in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, 4 tracks are crossing at the same place. Which is also called diamond crossing. You will also be surprised to see this crossing. Because here, even after passing trains from all directions, they do not collide with each other.

Actually, many people come to Nagpur, Maharashtra to see this diamond crossing. Please note that Diamond Crossing remains open 24 hours. Here tracks are visible in all four directions and trains also come on it from all sides. However, common people are not allowed to stay here for long. Nor are they allowed to stand near the track. For security reasons, Railways does not allow anyone to stand here for a long time.

Know what is diamond crossing???

In fact, the railway tracks are often built on a single line. That means the tracks remain in only one direction. But at a place where the tracks cross each other. They are called diamond crossings. The railway tracks intersect each other like a cross in a diamond crossing. Diamond crossing consists of four railway tracks. Who cross two by two. Simply put, it looks like a road intersection.

Trains come from all directions

Trains come from all directions at Diamond Crossing. However, routes for different trains have been decided on the tracks coming from all four directions. Actually, a track comes from Godia in the east direction which is Howrah Raukela Raipur line, while from the south direction a train coming from Delhi comes on the north track.

At the same time, a track is coming from West Mumbai at the same place. It is not possible for two trains to cross at the same time at a diamond crossing. Therefore, the timings of trains leaving this crossing vary. You also know that the time management system of Railways is very strong. He does not allow any accidents to happen. This is the reason why trains pass smoothly even at diamond crossings and do not collide with each other.

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