Begusarai’s farmer aunty did wonders! Earning lakhs from mushroom cultivation, becoming a role model for women!

Begusarai's farmer aunty did wonders! Earning lakhs from mushroom cultivation, becoming a role model for women!

Farmer Anita of Begusarai: In the last few years, apart from crop farming, the inclination of farmers is increasing rapidly towards mushroom farming. Because mushroom farming is becoming a source of better income for farmers. Only a few important things have to be kept in mind, and a good price of mushroom is available in the market.

In such a situation, today through this article we will tell you about one such female farmer of Begusarai. Who is doing mushroom farming at home after taking training from Agricultural Science Center, Khodavandpur. Today, Anita of Meghaul village of Khodavandpur in the district is not only increasing her own income through mushroom production, but has also changed the identity of the entire village. Today, because of Anita, Meghaul village is also known as “Mushroom Village”.

Anita told that she started mushroom farming by taking training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra. After this, with its help, she started the work of improving the economic condition of many women of the village. For this, she prepared a team of 5 women and trained them in oyster mushroom production.

Let us tell you that Anita not only helped other women by connecting them with livelihood but also provided them with free mushroom seeds or 10 bags worth of mushroom seeds for Rs 250. Now those women have also become self-reliant and are preparing mushrooms (Mushroom Farming) in their respective homes.

At the same time, the people of Meghaul village say that the cheapest mushroom farming is available in this village all the time. For this reason, people across the district also know this Meghaul village as “Mushroom Village”. Anita Deva says that mushroom seeds are ready for production in 10 bags for ₹ 250.

She further said that these days she herself is producing mushrooms in 50 bags. Anita tells that after 30 days the mushroom starts getting ready from the bag. Every 5 days, she sells about 50 packets of mushrooms worth ₹4 to ₹5000 in the market.

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