What would happen if human babies started hatching from eggs? AI made the picture…..

What would happen if human babies started hatching from eggs? AI made the picture…..

Some animals lay eggs instead of giving birth to children directly, whereas humans give birth to children directly. In such a situation, looking at the recruitment technology, many people asked Artificial Intelligence (AI) that what would happen if human children came out of the egg? However, the process of conception of humans and animals is almost the same, that is, when a female and a male have intercourse, they conceive, but the method of birth of children is different in humans and in life. Like a human being gives birth to a child and some creatures and birds give birth to a child through eggs.

See AI’s answer
But in this context, when artificial intelligence was asked a question about seeing human children, then AI presented many types of pictures in front of the people, in these you can see how the children look. Because the babies are coming out of the egg and they look like a chicken coming out of the egg.

Here is the picture of AI

In the picture of children presented by AI (Artificial Intelligence), children are looking very cute and the children in the eggs are looking smaller. However, their body looks exactly like that of normal children.

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