Land News: How to check property details online before buying land? Otherwise you will be cheated! Know –

Land News: How to check property details online before buying land? Otherwise you will be cheated! Know –

Land News: Often disputes arise while buying or selling land. In fact, many times it happens that you have purchased land and also got it registered in your name. But after some time it is revealed that this land is registered in someone else’s name. After this you have to face a lot of trouble.

At the same time, before taking the land, you must confirm in whose name the land is. Actually, you can check it online very easily. For this you will not need to request any government official. You can check Bhulekh and Khata Khatauni online only. This lets you know in whose name the property you are buying is.
If you want to check the land, then you will have to go to the website of the Revenue Department of the state in which you live. After this you will have to give information about your district and tehsil here. After this you want to get information about the place.

After selecting that place you will see many options. In this, select the option of name of your account holder and type the first letter of the owner of the land here. If you click on the name in this list, you will get its information. During this time you will get complete information about that person and how much land is registered in his name.

Take these precautions while buying land

If you are buying land in a village, you must already know the people nearby. Due to which the possibility of fraud is greatly reduced. But nowadays fraud regarding property has increased a lot in cities. If you are going to buy a plot in the city.

So you need to be more careful here. Because in cities, sellers often buy large pieces of land and plot it. In such a situation, cases of selling the same land to many people also come to light. Due to which many people get into trouble.

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