When the train separates into two halves, how does the loco pilot receive information?

When the train separates into two halves, how does the loco pilot receive information?

 Learn about Indian Railways: More than 2 crore people commute through Indian Railways lines every day. Perhaps you are also one of them who take Indian Railways trains. People begin to ponder about many types of questions while commuting by train.

Perhaps you have a similar query, but it is common for people to wonder how the driver knows when a train is going on the track and its coaches are abruptly divided into two sections. Let us know.
Actually, iron couplings are used to link train coaches, but they can become loose when moving. As a result, the train compartments become separated from one another. But adjacent to the track, there is a white aluminum box known as the Excel Counter, which works to avoid accidents.

This is how you know!

Excel Counter’s task is to keep a check on the train wheels as they move along the track. In such cases, after counting, the information is delivered straight to the railway station. Following that, every 5 kilometers, information is provided on how many wheels were in the last train. If information concerning the separation of the train’s coach is received, the train will be stopped at the next station. Following this, the station sends a message to the driver informing him that several coaches have been left behind, and the train is stopped on the track by turning the signal red.

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