The first ‘Vertical Lift Sea Bridge’ is being developed here in India; it will open vertically when a ship arrives and reconnect as soon as it passes.

The first 'Vertical Lift Sea Bridge' is being developed here in India; it will open vertically when a ship arrives and reconnect as soon as it passes.

First Vertical Lift Railway Sea Bridge: Today’s technology has evolved significantly. People are amazed to realize how advanced his charming technology is. In this connection, a bridge has been erected that you may not have heard about or seen. This is a bridge erected across the river. But this isn’t anything unique.

The unique feature is that when a ship passes beneath the bridge, it automatically opens vertically, upwards. As soon as the ship passes, the bridge will be reconnected, and trains will resume operations. A vertical opening bridge is being developed in Pamban, Tamil Nadu, South India, to connect the entire country with Rameshwaram. Please let us know about this charismatic bridge.
Lakhs of pilgrims from India and outside visit Rameshwaram, clogging the bridge and wasting everyone’s time. For this reason, a vertical railway bridge (New Pamban Bridge) is being built on Pamban. Good news for train travelers traveling to Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh: they will no longer need to stop at New Delhi.

Features of Vertical Bridge
This bridge will be 2.05 km long. The new bridge will be three meters taller than the present one and 22 meters above sea level, with 100 spans of 18.3 meters and a navigational span of 63 meters. It will be 3.0 meters taller than the current bridge, with a navigational air clearance of 22.0 metres above sea level.

The bridge’s structure is designed for a double line, allowing trains to operate from either side. The vertical bridge’s building cost exceeds Rs 545 crore. The Railways used cutting-edge technologies such as stainless steel reinforcing, composite sleepers, and a long-lasting painting system to construct the new bridge.

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