Rule Change: LPG Cylinder rules will change from March 1, know how it will affect your pocket.

Rule Change: LPG Cylinder rules will change from March 1, know how it will affect your pocket.

Rule Change: Today is the last day of February and the month of March will start from tomorrow. In our country, some rules or the other are changed on the first day of every month. These rules also affect the general public. Now many rules are going to change from March 1, including Fastag, GST and SBI credit card rules. Let us know what changes are going to happen from March 1 which will impact the common man’s pocket.

Changes taking place in GST rules

The Central Government is going to make major changes in the GST rules from March 1. Under this change, businessmen doing business of more than Rs 5 crore will not be able to generate e-way bill without e-invoice. This rule will start from tomorrow.

LPG price may change

Oil companies change the price of gas cylinders on the first of every month. In such a situation, it is expected that tomorrow the oil marketing companies may make some changes in the prices of domestic and commercial gas cylinders which can directly impact the pockets of the common people.

Changes in SBI credit card rules

Government bank, State Bank of India has also decided to change the credit card rules. SBI is going to change its minimum day bill calculation rules from March 15. The bank is giving this information through e-mail.

Changes in Fastag rules

Now NHAI has also changed the rules of Fastag and made it mandatory to update KYC in it. Therefore, the last date to update KYC in Fastag is today, 29th February. If you are not able to get KYC done in your Fastag today, then NHAI will deactivate it.

Banks will remain closed for so many days in March

Along with this, banks are going to remain closed for 14 days in the month of March in different states of the country. Apart from two Saturdays and Sundays, the festivals of Mahashivratri, Holi, Good Friday are also coming. Therefore, if you have any important work related to banks, then it should be completed in advance.

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