PM Modi inaugurated the country’s longest cable bridge, known as Sudarshan Setu…

PM Modi inaugurated the country's longest cable bridge, known as Sudarshan Setu...

The Sudarshan Setu Bridge Many development-related projects are underway in various countries throughout the country. In such cases, work receives additional attention. Many states have built anything from glass bridges to cable bridges to accomplish this. The attractiveness of the area is being reduced as a result of the bridges’ construction and the growing population. In this series, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the country’s longest cable bridge in Dwarka, Gujarat. Its name is Sudarshan Setu. Sudarshan Setu is especially for you. So please tell us about its qualities in detail.

Features of Sudarshan Bridge

Sudarshan Setu is the country’s longest cable bridge, measuring 2.32 kilometers. Both sides of the bridge have verses from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita as well as images of Lord Shri Krishna. Solar panels are also put on the bridge’s upper level, capable of producing one megawatt of electricity.
The building of this cable bridge will drastically shorten the travel time for devotees traveling between Dwarka and Beit-Dwarka Road. Tourists traveling from Dwarka to Beit Dwarka will no longer have to navigate by boat, thanks to the bridge’s construction.

Sudarshan Setu will improve connection.

Earlier, on February 24, PM Modi stated in a Twitter post that February 25 is an important day for Gujarat’s growth. He stated that one among the several projects to be inaugurated was Sudarshan Setu, which connects the Okha mainland to Bayt Dwarka. This is an incredible effort that will improve connectivity.

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