How to block PhonePe GooglePay and Paytm if your phone is stolen Know the process

How to block PhonePe GooglePay and Paytm if your phone is stolen Know the process

UPI ID Block: Today we have many online transaction apps like PhonePe Google Pay and Paytm in our smartphones to make online payments and to run these apps UPI payment method has to be used but then the risk increases

When your smartphone is stolen or lost somewhere. In such a situation if you are worried that no one will steal your bank details and the money in your bank will not be empty then today we are going to tell you how you can block your UPI ID if your smartphone is stolen somewhere.

How to block Paytm UPI ID

First you have to call the helpline number 01204456456. After this you have to enter your number by clicking on the last phone option. After which you have to select the option of Log Out From All Devices and select the option of Report of Fraud on that message. You will then be asked for all the details. After this you have to block your Paytm account by clicking on the submit option.

Same for PhonePe and Google Pay.

Call 18004190157 for PhonePe and 08068727374 for Google Pay.
Now here you have to file a complaint by entering the mobile number linked to your UPI ID after which you will be asked for information about the SIM card. After that you have to click on the submit option.
After this you will be contacted by Customer Care and the ID will be blocked while getting some more information related to your UPI ID.

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