Discover how to book a 56-day train ticket with Indian Railways.

Discover how to book a 56-day train ticket with Indian Railways.

Indian Railways: Indian Railways provides numerous amenities to its passengers. However, due to a lack of information, passengers are sometimes unable to take advantage of it. In this series, under the Railways capability, you can ride on multiple trains with the same ticket.

This is available with a circular voyage ticket from the railways. This is a special ticket that allows you to travel between numerous stations. Generally, travelers traveling on pilgrimage or sightseeing use this train facility. Please let us know about its benefits.
Railway travelers can travel for 56 days from 8 different stations with a Circular Journey Ticket. During this hour, numerous trains are available to board. If you’re going on a long tour, you don’t need to buy tickets at many stops. This eliminates the need for passengers to acquire tickets from many locations throughout their long journey.

How do I book circular travel tickets?

You cannot purchase circular journey tickets straight from the ticket counter. To do this, you must first apply and provide railway officials with information on your trip route. When ordering circular tickets, keep in mind that the journey will terminate at the location from which you purchased the ticket.

After then, you can contact station management. Following this, the Divisional Manager or Station Officer will determine the ticket price based on your itinerary. He will now notify the station management of the price of your ticket via a form.

You can purchase circular journey tickets by presenting the paperwork to the booking office at the station from where you will begin your journey. After obtaining a circular travel ticket, call the reservation office to reserve your seat at various locations during your journey. You will then receive a reserved ticket for your journey. In such cases, rent money is also saved.

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