Do you also feel electric shock as soon as you touch someone? Know the reason for this.


Static Electricity: Whenever we come in contact with electricity, we get a very strong shock. In such a situation, electric shock is very dangerous for humans, but even a small level shock is experienced by us every day in our home or office. Is. Today we will talk about that small shock. Let us tell you that this is called static electricity and it does not have any bad effect on the body.

Often when you sit on a chair, you might have moved your hand forward to hold a pen or to do any such activity. When we move our hand forward, we experience current in the finger. This is called static electricity. Everything around us, which we see with our eyes, is made up of atoms and proton-neutrons are present within the atom. When protons and neutrons are present in different quantities, the electrons start bouncing or in other words, the electrons leave their place.

All this happens due to the activity of electrons, wherever there are more electrons, they attract electrons with less space. If there are less electrons then it attracts more electrons, due to which we feel this current. In fact, whenever the negative electron becomes too much, it tries to get away from there as quickly as possible, hence as soon as it comes in contact with a positive electron, it immediately runs away, and in this way we get current. Is experienced.

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