With an army of how many people, Maharana Pratap attacked the powerful Mughals.


Desk: You must have heard about the battle of Haldighati, let us tell you that the battle of Haldighati took place under the leadership of Maharana Pratap, Maharana Pratap was seriously injured in this battle of Haldighati. This war took place on 9 May 1540 in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Maharana Pratap's birth anniversary is celebrated on 9th May only. He had waged this war against Akbar.

The Battle of Haldighati was fought on 18 June 1576 by the forces of Mughal Emperor Akbar led by King Maharana Pratap of Mewar and Maharaja Mansingh I of Amer now Jaipur. During the war, Maharana Pratap fought against Akbar's 85,000 soldiers for many years with the strength of his 20,000 soldiers and limited resources. It is said that the war lasted for about 4 hours and Maharana Pratap's strategy was successful. Brave Maharana Pratap fought many battles against Mughal encroachment. He defeated Mughal ruler Akbar thrice in the wars of 1577, 1578 and 1579.

According to prominent historians, Maharana Pratap had spent the night amidst mosquitoes in the forest during the entire battle and at the same time, he had prepared and eaten dry rotis. Maharana Pratap's strategy was so successful that the Mughals could not stand before him. When Maharana Pratap died, Akbar's eyes became moist.

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