Why do you fall asleep in the car You dont have this disease

Why do you fall asleep in the car You dont have this disease

Desk: Travel has become an integral part of people lives. A lot of people love to travel. But during the journey you feel very relaxed. You must have also seen that people are very excited before traveling in the car but after covering some distance they start feeling sleepy. Have you ever wondered why that happens? Is it natural to fall asleep while sitting in the car or is it a disease? Let us know the reason behind this in detail today.

A study was conducted in this regard. It turned out that the cause of this sleep was highway hypothermia. That is when you have to travel somewhere often people do not sleep properly in the worry that no luggage will be left behind. Sometimes I cant sleep for fear of missing the train. This is called sleep debt. This will not fulfill your wishes. After this when you sit in the car your mind relaxes and you start sleeping.

A reason to relax the mind

Research has shown that you only feel sleepy when you are not doing anything while traveling. In the state of not doing anything the body becomes relaxed. The mind remains calm. In such a situation people start sleeping. This process is called highway hypnosis. If you are doing any activity during the journey in which your mind is fully engaged then you will not get sleep. That is when you are doing a job that is not boring you will lose sleep

There is also a reason for the car

According to an argument the reason for falling asleep in the car is its movement. This logic works in the same way as young children were scalded in childhood. In the language of science this is called rocking sensation. That is when you keep walking in a flow you begin to fall asleep. Your body goes into sleep mode. In such a situation you start sleeping.

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