How much money does Google make in one second? Your eyes will be wide open after knowing this!

How much money does Google make in one second? Your eyes will be wide open after knowing this!

How Much Earn Google A Second: The world’s largest search platform eats Google. Here, the answer to the searched question is revealed to lakhs of people within a few hundreds. This is the reason why in today’s time there would not be any person left who would not be familiar with the name Google.

Not only this, the salary of an employee working in Google also runs into lakhs of crores of rupees per month. Now many a times this question arises in the minds of people that how is Google and what is its monthly earning or per second earning? So let us know the answers to all these questions today.

Google provides various types of facilities

Let us tell you that Google is a technology company which provides different types of online facilities to its users. With the help of which people are able to complete their work. The company has started Google Map to provide better experience to people and reach them in less time and at less cost. Apart from this, Google has many platforms which give better experience to the people.

What is the earning per second?

Whereas if we talk about Google’s earnings per second, then Google earns approximately $20000 i.e. Rs 16 lakh per second. Google’s total earnings in 2022 were $279.81 billion, apart from this, there are a total of 31,536,000 seconds in a year. According to this, Google earns about 1.73 billion dollars in a day. However, Google’s main source of income is advertising which is providing its services in more than 200 countries.

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