Do you know the meaning of this proverb ‘Cumin in the camel’s mouth’? find out today

Do you know the meaning of this proverb ‘Cumin in the camel’s mouth’? find out today

Why do people say cumin for Camel: From childhood to youth, people go through different situations. Especially for the students studying, idioms are also given as per the circumstances. Not only this, nowadays the meaning of such idioms is also asked in various competitive examinations.

However, some idioms fit into people’s everyday lives while some people do not even know the meaning of the idiom. One such idiom is “cumin in the camel’s mouth” whose meaning is known to very few people. So let us know why this idiom was created and what is its true meaning?

Actually, “cumin in the camel’s mouth” has become a very special and famous idiom among the people today. The camel is a huge animal of the country whose mouth length is much larger than other animals. In such a situation, if some cumin seeds are put in the camel’s mouth, it will not be known where it has gone. That is why “cumin in the camel’s mouth” has become a proverb.

What is its meaning?

If you understand the idiom in simple language, then the person who works hardest gets less salary. Apart from this, you can see another example that even after being very hungry, when people get to eat minimum amount of food, then this idiom is true for the people.

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