Police FIR: Didn’t the police register an FIR Know your rights:

Police FIR: Didn't the police register an FIR Know your rights:
Police FIR: Didn't the police register an FIR Know your rights:

Police FIR: Police have been deployed to maintain law and order in the state. If an incident happens to a person, he goes to the police station and files a complaint.

In most cases, the police immediately register a complaint and take action. But many times it happens that the police treats the victim unfairly and refuses to register his FIR

When such an incident is done to the victim by the police, he becomes even more upset and frustrated. So today under this article we are going to tell you that if your FIR is not registered by the police or such mis-behaviour is done then what you should do? Let’s know more…

If after going to the police station, your or any aggrieved person’s police complaint is not being registered, then you can complain to the senior officer. In such a situation, if any senior officer does not pay attention to your complaint and does not give a hearing, then you can complain to the Metropolitan Magistrate under Section 156 (3) of the CrPC.

The magistrate hears your complaint and then directs the said police station and officer to register an FIR. According to the rules made by the law, it is clearly written that if any police officer refuses to register an FIR on your complaint, then in such a situation, appropriate action will be taken against the concerned police officer.

Apart from this, the general public also has the option to file an FIR online. If you also want to file an FIR online, then you have to go to the website of the police station of your area. After visiting this website, you can easily file an e-FIR.

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