Why is the laptop charger divided into two parts? Know the reason


Laptop Charger The importance of laptop has increased a lot in today's digital age. It is a device that is essential for both personal and professional work. The portability of the laptop and its power processing capability enable it to perform a variety of tasks. School and college students also use it for studying, making notes, doing research and taking online classes becomes very easy in it. Business people use it for making presentations, analyzing data and virtual meetings.

With the help of laptop, we can gather information from all over the world through the internet. This increases intelligence among people. It has also become a major source of entertainment, watching movies, playing games and listening to music is also done through it. During the time of crisis, most of the people worked from home using laptop and made it possible for everyone to get education. In this way, laptop is a multipurpose device which makes our daily life easier.

Let us tell you that there is a black round part in the laptop charger which is called ferrite bead or ferrite choke. It is also called ferrite cylinder. Actually this black part is a type of electronic circuit. It reduces the frequency reaching the laptop. The ferrite bead works to suppress the high frequency. The reason for this is that it damages the device very less.

This black box also reduces the disturbance in the laptop. If it is not present, it shakes the radio frequency present around you. This round part is designed to protect the laptop. This device reduces the frequency flowing from both sides. Due to the absence of this cylinder, the laptop gets damaged quickly. We have all seen that most companies provide a unique round or square shaped part in the laptop charger. But this is not the case with Apple's laptop charger.

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