Why is gel applied before ultrasound, what is the reason behind it?


In today's time, disease is such a thing that every person suffers from it. If you want to avoid disease, then you have to do many types of work which are beneficial for your health, but under certain conditions, a person still falls ill. Is..

In such a situation, if he is suffering from any stomach problem then he needs ultrasound. You must have seen that whenever a person goes for ultrasound, the doctor makes him lie down on a stretcher and a different type of water is applied on his stomach. Today we will tell you why that water is used and what is the reason behind it.

Can we get an idea of ​​what is going on inside the stomach through ultrasound? Not only this, the waves that enter our body through radio technology and sonar technology tell us what is inside our stomach.

A chemical is applied on the machine used while doing ultrasound, that chemical stops the air. As soon as the air stops, the sonar and radio waves easily go inside. Jersey This gel is called Propylene Glycol, it is a kind of non-toxic gel, it is not poisonous in any way.

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