Why do escalators of metro and big malls often break down?


Regular maintenance of escalators is very important to prevent accidents. Retired Special Director General of Public Works Department, Sarvagya Srivastava said that two types of care of these escalators are necessary. First, checking before the problem occurs and second, regular checking. In public places, people sometimes tamper with escalators or throw things into them, which causes them to malfunction.

Sarvagya Srivastava further said that he does not know about the matter of DMRC, but many times the job of maintaining and running it is given to private companies. To reduce costs, these private companies often do not replace old parts. Similarly, an official of the Public Works Department said that the machines with lifts and escalators often break down. Therefore, the work of taking care of them is often given to private companies. It is the responsibility of the companies running these machines to clean them regularly and check the motors.

Escalator accidents happen due to carelessness. If you concentrate on your mobile phone while walking on an escalator, you may lose your balance and get injured. Loose clothes, like sarees and dhoti, can get stuck in the stairs while walking. Standing near the edge of an escalator or hanging onto the handrail as some children and youth do. In July 2023, a three-year-old girl's left hand was trapped in an escalator and crushed in a mall in Howrah, West Bengal. In Kochi, two women were injured when an escalator at an Ayurvedic hospital malfunctioned and similarly in Hyderabad in August 2022, 10 students and a teacher were injured after falling from a malfunctioning escalator.

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