Why did Lata Mangeshkar wear a widow's white saree despite being surrounded by wealth?


Lata Mangeshkar: Lata Mangeshkar has been special in the entertainment world. At present, this great personality is no longer among us but he is still alive in our hearts with his world famous melodious songs. Most of the people call her by the name of Lata Didi, the main reason for this is that she was not married. He has sung more than 30 thousand songs in 36 different languages ​​in his career.

There are many stories of Lata Mangeshkar on the internet. Today we will tell you one thing which is really worth knowing, why did Lata Didi always wear white saree? It is not hidden from anyone that Lata Mangeshkar always wore white saree, very few people knew the reason for this. When she was once asked in an interview, why she always wears a white saree, do you know what she said? Actually he had said, 'I have liked white color since my childhood days. Putting forward her point, she said that in my childhood I used to wear white colored ghagra choli only. In between, she also started wearing colorful sarees.

Lata Mangeshkar further said in the interview that if we keep deciding the color of the clothes then there will be no end to the fact that today we have to wear pink saree, tomorrow we have to wear yellow and the day after tomorrow we have to wear blue. After this she decided that she would always wear white saree. Let us tell you that Lata Mangeshkar, born in the year 1929, is no longer among us.

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