Who was Monalisa? This is the most expensive painting in the world, worth Rs 74,96,89,65,000 billion.


Monalisa: You must be aware of Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting Monalisa. Today we are going to tell you again something about the Monalisa painting which you might hardly know? Let us tell you that it took 4 years to make this painting, Leonardo da Vinci started this painting in 1500 and completed it by 1504, but even today the mystery remains that behind the painting is Monalisa's laughter. What is the secret of?

Many people and historians believe that Leonardo da Vinci's mother was named Caterina. This is his picture, while some people say that he was once a businessman, she is his wife. This picture of Monalisa was also stolen for some time. Not only this, Monalisa's picture also used to be in the palace of the kings for some time. This picture is so old that it has become necessary to preserve it. Currently, this picture is kept in the museum of Paris. Many people believe that Leonardo da Vinci wanted to see himself as a woman, that is why he showed himself in this painting in such a way that he looks a bit like a woman.

Even today, Monalisa is counted among the most expensive paintings in the world. Actually, the price of Monalisa is very high. According to some art collectors, today its value is said to be up to 900 million dollars, in reality this amount is around 74,96,89,65,000 billion rupees.

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