Who gains weight faster after marriage?


After marriage, it is often seen that the weight of couples increases. It is also seen in some couples that either the girl's or the boy's weight increases. Today we will know whose weight increases first. Let us tell you that after marriage, many changes take place in the lives of both of them. All the changes are related to their hormones, after marriage, problems arise regarding many things.

For example, when a couple gets stressed, then due to stress they feel hungry and during this time, you will see obesity in the body. Let us tell you that after marriage, when people live in a new house, a lot of dishes and different types of dishes are prepared in their house. When these dishes and dishes are prepared, they become very sweet, due to which fat starts increasing.

At the same time, people work less, due to which physical activities stop and the amount of food consumed increases. In such a situation, it becomes natural for people to gain weight. If you want to lose weight then you have to exercise daily. You will have to give 30 minutes a day to your body and not only this but you will have to do meditation and meditation daily which will eliminate your stress.

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