Which hair on the body turns gray first as we age?


In society, a person is considered beautiful only when he has beautiful, long, dense and attractive hair on his body. In such a situation, if a person is growing up, the first thing that is measured through his hair is how old he is? As soon as the hair turns white, people start calling him uncle. Today we will tell you which is the part of the body where the hair starts turning white the fastest as we grow old.

Most of the hair above the ears is white. The reason behind this is that the age of the hair here increases quickly. Not only this, the hair present on the hair line turns white quickly. A pigment cell is present within it, a substance called melanin is hidden in the pigment cell which gives the hair black, brown, or any other color. Human hair remains black for 30 years but then melanin production gradually stops and the hair gradually starts turning white. Not only this but there are many reasons behind hair turning grey, such as having an autoimmune disease, Alexey will come.

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