What will you do if a passenger takes a sheet or towel from your seat in the train? Know the rules –

What will you do if a passenger takes a sheet or towel from your seat in the train? Know the rules –

More than 800 crore passengers travel in India every year. About 1.85 crore passengers travel in Indian Railways in a day. Of these, 1.77 crore people travel by non-AC i.e. sleeper and general class. The number of people traveling in AC is 8.57 lakh. For which 2122 trains including premium and express run every day.

If you also travel in a train, have you ever thought that after getting down from the train, you leave your towel, blanket or bedsheet on the seat where you go? What if after you get down, another passenger picks up that sheet or towel? Action may be taken against you. Let us know what the railway rules say on this issue.
Actually, the towel, blanket or bedsheet that is provided to you in the train. He collects the coach attended passengers after they disembark. If bedsheets and blankets are stolen by any other passenger, Railways can take action against that person.

This is the rule of railways

According to railway rules, if a person is caught carrying a sheet or blanket. So action is taken against him by Railway GRP. When a person does not get a blanket or sheet, he asks for it from the attendant and similarly if a blanket or sheet goes missing from a berth, it is the responsibility of that passenger. Who had asked for a blanket or sheet. However, in the train it is not known who took the blanket or sheet. But it is the responsibility of the passenger to hand over the blanket, sheet or towel to the attendant.

Presently total 23588 AC coaches

At present, the total number of coaches in Express, Passenger and Mail apart from premium trains is 68534. Of these, the number of general and non-AC sleeper coaches is 44946 and the number of AC coaches is 23588. Let us tell you that the number of coaches of local trains has not been included in these figures.

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