What is YouTube Play Button? Know here when and how many subscribers it is available…..

What is YouTube Play Button? Know here when and how many subscribers it is available…..

YouTube Play Button: YouTube Play Button is an honor award given by YouTube. Which is given to the most successful and popular channels. Under YouTube Play Button, Silver Play Button, Gold Play Button, Customer Creator Award and Diamond Play Button are given. All these awards are a symbol of dedication and enthusiasm.

Which are given as rewards for making the best videos on YouTube. The YouTube Play Button, also known as the YouTube Creator Award, is given by YouTube to honor the most popular channels. These different types of play buttons are given based on the number of subscribers of the YouTube channel and it is considered an achievement for the YouTube channel. Let us now tell you how many types of YouTube play buttons are there.

silver play button

  • These play buttons are given to those creators who reach 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

gold play button

  • This play button is awarded to channels that reach 1,000,000 subscribers.

diamond play button

  • YouTube channels that reach 10,000,000 subscribers get a diamond play button.

custom play button

  • It is given to YouTube channels with 50,000,000, 100,000,000, and 1,000,000,000 subscribers.

The YouTube Play button is an important achievement for any channel and is also a symbol of respect and recognition for the creators. The play button also attracts new viewers, which helps the YouTube channel grow further. This play button also increases the opportunities for purpose.

Let us now tell you how to get the YouTube play button.

To get YouTube play button, first you have to attract audience. For this, you will have to create high quality video content on your channel. Due to which new viewers connect with you. You should upload videos regularly to keep new viewers engaged on your channel and keep them coming back.

You should also promote your channel on your other social media platforms. So that more and more people can join it. Getting the YouTube play button remains an important goal for YouTube creators. In fact, this award reflects the dedication and hard work of the creators.

For your information, let us tell you that YouTube play buttons are made of metal. In which the number of the subscriber and the name of the channel are written. To get YouTube play button, channel subscriber must be valid and active. The channel will have to follow the instructions of YouTube. Only then the YouTube play button is given.

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