What is the meaning of ‘WL’ and ‘GNWL’ written on the train ticket? You know it’ll be a lot of work

What is the meaning of 'WL' and 'GNWL' written on the train ticket? You know it'll be a lot of work

How many types of waiting tickets: More than half of the country’s population travels by train. In such a situation, more people are seen in trains. As a result, thousands of passengers are stranded. Waiting ticket means that if a passenger with a confirmed seat cancels the ticket, then the seat of the waiter is confirmed.

But do you know what WL, GNWL, RLWL, PQWL, RLGN, RSWL means when  you get a waiting ticket? Which of these will be confirmed first? So let’s know.

A waiting ticket is identified by the WL written after the ticket number. If a person’s ticket has WL20 written on it, then it means that he is number 20 in the waiting list. Many times it happens that the ticket is confirmed despite the waiting list of your co-passenger’s ticket being high, but the waiting list of your ticket was low and your ticket was not confirmed. Actually, this has happened because your ticket is waiting in a different category.

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stands for General Waiting List. This waiting ticket is issued when you are starting the journey from the starting station of the train. For example, if a train runs from Delhi to Mumbai, you will get a normal waiting list when you buy a ticket from Delhi. If you take a ticket from any station in the middle in the same train, then you will not get general waiting. This is the most common waiting list and the most likely to be confirmed on this waiting list.


stands for Remote Location Waiting List. This waiting list is issued from the stations between the starting and the destination station of the train. For example, if a person takes a ticket from Patna in a train going from Howrah to Delhi, he will get a RLWL waiting ticket. These stations are important cities falling on the entire route of the train. This type of waiting list is less likely to be confirmed than GNWL because there is no quota for it.


PQWL means pooled quota waiting list. PQWL is available only for passengers who travel between any of the stations between the initial and final destination stations of the train. Chances of confirmation of this waiting ticket are also very low. This ticket is available on taking a waiting ticket from small stations between train routes.


TQWL means immediate quota waiting list. When a passenger books a tatkal ticket and does not get a confirmed ticket, the railways issues a TQWL ticket to him. There is little chance of that being confirmed. Because the Railways has no quota for this. This TQWL waiting ticket is confirmed only in lieu of cancellation of confirmed Tatkal ticket.

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