What is the meaning of H-1 written on Railway Coach? Must have seen often, find out today


Railway Coach: To travel, Indian Railways is the largest railway network in the world, in such a situation, when we travel, we see many such things on the way, which are useful and pass before the eyes of the passengers, which makes them useful. They don't even seem to know. People ignore those things, today we are going to tell you one such thing which you might have seen many times but not understood.

During the journey, when a train passes in front of us, H1 is written on it. Whenever you see a railway compartment with H-1 written on it, you should understand that it is a first class AC compartment, this first class AC is a premium class which is available to those people who Wants to make your journey pleasant.

Similarly, if you travel in the third class of the train, you will see the alphabet B there. If you travel in an AC chair, you must have seen the CC alphabet.

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