What is the difference between 2nd AC and 3rd AC in Railways Who is the best, know the difference in fare

What is the difference between 2nd AC and 3rd AC in Railways Who is the best, know the difference in fare

Raiway AC Trains: Railways provides travel facility to every class of people of the country and in this, people book tickets according to their budget. In the railways, you will get from general coach to sleeper coach and AC coach. Passengers can book the tickets as per their budget.

AC coaches are more expensive than sleeper coaches and AC coaches are less expensive than general coaches. But AC also has many coaches like first AC, second AC and third AC. But the first AC is the most expensive among them, because it is given a private cabin.

But there is no difference between second AC and third AC. In such a situation, the question arises that after both are same, what is the reason for different fares in them and what facilities are available in them? So let’s know the reason why the fare of these two is different and why the fare of second AC is higher.

How different is the second AC?

If you have not travelled in both AC coaches, then let us tell you that the second AC coach is a little more luxurious than the third AC coach. So the price is a little higher. Actually in this coach you get 2-2 seats for face to face. As you may have seen in the sleeper, there are 3-3 seats in front. But second AC has one upper and one lower berth, there is no middle berth.

Because there are not many seats in a coach, it is not crowded. So people can travel comfortably. Due to the crowd of people, there is a lot of waiting in the toilet and there is also a lot of movement. Apart from this, the seat of the second AC is also different from the third AC, in which the quality of the seat is different from the size of the seat.

Therefore, the second AC fare is slightly higher. But like the third AC, it also has no cabin and no curtains. It has a separate reading light, which is now also available in third AC in some trains.

Third AC coach

On the other hand, the third AC coach is like a sleeper coach, only it has AC. It has the same number of seats as sleeper coaches. Some such trains also have AC economy coaches, which are a range below third AC, where one coach has more seats. This makes the AC economy coach more crowded but its fare is also less than the third AC. It is a little less comfortable than 3rd AC.

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