What is Shah Jahan hiding in the basement of Taj Mahal?


Taj Mahal Basement: At present, there are many tourist places in the country, people from India and abroad keep coming here to visit, in such a situation, every year lakhs and crores of people come to see the old monuments of the country, let us tell you that Taj Mahal is also one of our old heritage which has been preserved by the Government of India for a long time. This heritage is also considered the seventh wonder of the world.

Taj Mahal is very beautiful to look at, as well as its design is worth seeing in itself. The building of Taj Mahal has been carved in such a way that it is a little beyond the understanding of common people, due to which many times people hire tourist guides so that they can understand the depth of Taj Mahal. Let us tell you that people who go to see the Taj Mahal are left wondering what is there inside the Taj Mahal? So let us tell you that there are taverns inside the Taj Mahal.

Let us tell you that this basement has been built facing the riverfront of Yamuna river. Actually, according to the person who has done research on these cellars, this cellar was prepared to keep the room cool in summers, when it was very hot, people might have gone there. Due to a big flood in 1978, these rooms were filled with water, due to water filling inside the rooms there were huge cracks and all the tourists who used to come here at that time were stopped from coming inside.

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