What is it ? Karisma Kapoor will be seen in place of secretary in Panchayat season 3


People are eagerly waiting for Panchayat season 3, now their wait is over because recently the information about Panchayat season 3 has come out. Let us tell you that it will take some time for its arrival. A separate update has also come out regarding the Panchayat in which it is being told that someone else will be there in place of the Secretary i.e. Jitendra in the Panchayat.

If you want to know, then let us tell you that it is being speculated that Karisma Kapoor is going to replace Jitendra. Yes, Karisma Kapoor has been a well-known Bollywood actress. In the 1990s, Karisma Kapoor was quite famous for her acting skills.

We are saying this because Karisma Kapoor has now expressed her eagerness to be a part of this series in which she has shared a post on her social media account i.e. Instagram, in which she has written that I am being made the new secretary of Phulera. Is. While posting the video, she said, Namaste Manju Devi and the simplicity of her husband Phulera has attracted me a lot. There are many problems in Phulera and I can solve all these problems but now the thing to be seen is what will Karisma Kapoor do in Phulera?

Karisma Kapoor also said more about the name Phulera like she liked this name very much. At the same time, there is a sweetness of the village in it which he noticed and from then onwards everything started seeming like his own. Karisma Kapoor is also very excited about this role.

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