What is internet and its development?

How internet works
What is internet and its development?
Friends, today’s era is the age of the Internet, the Internet has made a splash in the world today, today there will be hardly any person who has not heard the name of the Internet, and has not used it.

When we send messages on WhatsApp, email or Facebook, and our relatives sitting thousands of kilometers away read our messages in a matter of seconds, that’s all the wonder of the Internet. Today it is very easy to send messages to any corner of the world through internet, we can get news of any corner of the world in seconds.

Internet is made up of two words inter and net, inter means interconnected and net means net, that is, a network that is interconnected.
Internet is a great network. This is the world’s largest and busiest network, if said in simple words, the Internet is the only interconnection of the computers of the world. When the network is established with this, then we become part of a huge network, which we call Global Network, and can get any information available in any computer connected to this network in our computer.
1969 Tim Berners Lee created the Internet and in 1989 created the World Wide Web using browsers, pages and links to simplify communication on the Internet.
Every computer connected to the Internet has a different identity. This special identity is known as IP Address. An IP address is a unique set of numbers (like that tells the location of that computer.
Two or more interconnected network connections are called the Internet (International Network of Computers), when humans set foot on the moon in 1969, the Advance Research Projects Agency was appointed by the US to work on the network. At that time there was a network of only 4 computers. Later gradually it was linked with many agencies and this network grew and opened to the general public.

The internet is not controlled by any agency. The Internet was first started in India on 15 August 1995 by the government company BSNL, later gradually private service providers Airtel, Reliance, Idea etc. started the Internet.

Internet networks were introduced in the 1960s by the United States for the purpose of building robust communications through computer networks. Connecting commercial networks and enterprises in the early 1990s marked the beginning of the modern Internet, and the rapid growth led to institutional, personal and mobile computers being connected to the network. By the late 2000s, it was widely used and incorporated into almost every aspect of everyday life.
As of 30 March 2011, the estimated total number of Internet users was 2.095 billion (30.2% of the world population). If today we only do the bar of India, then about 45.10 million people use the Internet today.
Out of which about 67 percent number is of males. According to the India Internet 2019 report, India is now second in the world after China. But till now only 36 percent of the areas of India have internet access. So this sector will grow even more.

How internet works ?

How does internet work? You must be thinking that there must be a system in the clouds above us, inside which all the data of the Internet is stored and the Internet runs. But let us tell you that there is nothing like this and earlier it used to run from the satellite left by us.
Due to which the data was downloaded very slowly, but our engineer came out with such a technique, that is optical fiber which we are using today, by using optical fiber, the speed of internet increases manifold.
About 8 lakh km of optical fiber cables have been laid in the sea so far. 90% of the internet is used by this cable. Optical fiber is laid in the sea which has less loss and less cost. But due to the large ships sailing only due to laying in the sea, sometimes the anchor of the ship also damages the optical fiber.
Something similar happened in Egypt on 13 January 2008. Due to which 70% of Egypt’s internet was shut down. This problem was also resolved. Today many such teams are working in this which monitors the optical fiber 24 hours. When there is any damage in it, it is repaired immediately.

To understand this better, we divide it into 3 parts –
First server
Service Provider (BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Jio etc.)
our browser
Basically all the information is present on the server. As soon as we search for a video or text through our PC, laptop, mobile browser, the browser sends the searched text to the Internet Service Provider.
From there the service provider sends the request to the server, the server finds itself and sends the result back to the service provider and the service provider shows us its result on the browser. This process happens so quickly that we do not even know and it is done.
To connect the Internet to the computer, we have to get an Internet connection from the Internet Service Provider. Only after that we can connect the internet to the computer. Because it gives us a way to connect to the Internet.
When we get internet connection then computer can be connected to internet. This connection is accessed through your computer only or wirelessly to the Internet. When the computer is connected, this process is called online.
The Internet is not under any one company or government, but many servers are connected to it, which belong to different organizations or private companies. Some popular internet services like gopher, file transfer protocol, world wide web are used to get information on the internet.

Uses of Internet

In the beginning, the Internet was used by scientists only for research work. But gradually its use became widespread and became public. Today it is being used in everyday activities as well. Today almost all work can be done at home via the Internet. like-

In today’s time it has become very easy to send message to anyone. It is very easy to transfer information from one information to another with a single click of the computer. An example of that is email. Through email, we can transmit our messages, data etc. in a very short time.

Internet is also being used for making connections for someone. Earlier work was done in hours, days, months. Today the same thing can be done in a few minutes. We can also have a relationship with a person sitting thousands of millions of kilometers away. To get information, for example whatsapp, facebook etc.
In today’s time it is very easy to get information. With a single click, we can get the information of the world. Through the Internet, we can easily do this work sitting at home. Search Engines are used to find information in the Internet.

Internet is also used in the field of entertainment. Through this we can watch and listen to movies, songs, videos etc. Readers can read their favorite author.

For purchase
This is called e-business. Through the Internet, the market can be seen from home and your goods can be bought. We can buy our goods by choice by sitting at home through the Internet, which shop has which goods and which is not and seeing the many options of that goods together. Apart from this, you can know the prevailing fashion. E-business is prevalent today- amazon, flipkart, snapdeal etc.

In today’s time, we can do any course sitting at home. You can choose your preferred school, in which college of our choice the course is available and all the information about that course like course fee, course duration etc. we can get this information on our computer. Today the field of e-learning has developed a lot. We can study from the best teacher in the world sitting at home.

Friends, this was the information of the Internet that how a person can achieve his destination by using the Internet at present. To be seen, where the Internet is proving to be a boon, it is also a curse. Where there is a method of creation on the Internet, there is also a method of destruction.

Now we have to choose whether by using it we will create or destroy, the decision is in your hands. Because while creation will bring you respect, destruction will leave you in oblivion. Hope you have been able to know from this article – How does the Internet work?


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