What is Black Chicken – Its meat and eggs are so expensive that it will rob your pocket.


There are many people in India who like to eat chicken. India is a country where many vegetarian people are fond of eating chicken. Today we are going to tell you not about normal chicken but about black chicken, this chicken is called Kadaknath chicken in Hindi. In our country, there is a demand for eggs and meat in both winter and summer.

Many non-veg lovers like to eat meat the most in summer, in such a situation it comes to their mind that which is the most expensive chicken, whose taste is amazing. So let us tell you that people want to eat Kadaknath chicken. The price of this Kadaknath chicken goes into lakhs. Kadaknath chicken is famous by the name of Black Chicken. The price of its eggs goes up to ₹35 and the rate of its meat goes up to ₹1500.

The weight of this chicken is up to 5 kg, as well as its feathers, blood and meat are also black in color. Farmers are given subsidy here by the government. Poultry farming is also becoming a better profession for the people. A different type of dark pigment is formed inside this chicken, due to which its meat, feathers, bones, everything appears black in color. In many places, it is also called Lamborghini chicken. This chicken grows very fast, hence it also needs a different type of diet.

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