Weekly Horoscope 08 July to 14 July 2024


Weekly Horoscope (08 July to 14 July 2024) Know in Kala Shanti Astrology Weekly Horoscope based on Ascendant how will be your family life, financial condition, health and your situation in the workplace this week; what are you going to get this week; what will be beneficial for you to do; and what precautions should you take to avoid problems.

Aries: This week, Aries natives can achieve new achievements in their workplace. This week, you will feel relief from old problems. This week can prove to be beneficial for business natives. There is a possibility of estrangement with a family member. Eye and mouth diseases can bother you regarding health. You will benefit from your spouse. Unmarried people can get good proposals this week. You will gain money.

Taurus: This week, people of Taurus can benefit by controlling their anger. You can get good benefits and proposals related to work this week. There can be a lot of running around for work this week. There can be some problems in married life. Take care of your health and be careful while driving. You will get benefits and support from your children.

Gemini: This week, the courage and confidence of the people of Gemini will be very high. From a business point of view, this week will give positive results for you. This week, people from the opposition may try to tarnish your image. Health related problems may trouble you this week. You will get monetary benefits and there will be expenditure as well.

Cancer: This week, people born under Cancer sign may have to go on a work trip, which will be beneficial. Health related problems may bother you in the beginning of the week. This week is normal in terms of work. This week, there may be a situation of discord with friends and brothers. Family problems may end this week and there is a possibility of improvement in your financial condition.

Leo: This week, Leo natives may find new ways to earn money. Maintain harmony with your officers and colleagues at work. There are chances of travelling this week and these journeys will be beneficial. Your respect and honour will increase this week. This week will bring success for students. Lovers may get auspicious results this week. Do not take any decision in anger. Physical fatigue may occur.

Virgo: This week, Virgo natives may get good news regarding their job. Your coordination with officers and colleagues at work will remain good. The pending work of students may get completed this week. A health problem may bother you. Maintain balance between your income and expenditure this week. A sudden trip may be planned.

Libra: This week can prove to be good for the people of Libra zodiac. Luck will remain on your side this week. Situation will remain in your favor in the workplace. Your relations with high-ranking people will be good. You may get some good news regarding your job this week. There may be chances of traveling this week. The week will remain good for students. Situation may be in your favor in love affairs. You will get monetary benefits.

Scorpio: This week, the comforts and facilities of the Scorpio natives may increase. This week will bring good results for the employed natives. Businessmen will get success after a lot of hard work this week. This week, you may be worried about the health of your spouse. This week, you may suffer losses due to anger and laziness, so be careful. Take care of your health.

Sagittarius: This week Sagittarius natives may get good results in business. Those who are thinking of starting a new business, their wish may be fulfilled this week. This week you are advised to keep control over your speech and behavior. You may get benefits from your siblings. There may be some health related problem. Participation in religious activities will increase.

Capricorn: This week, Capricorn natives may have to work harder in money related matters. Sweetness will increase in relationships with family members. Differences with people may be resolved this week. The week will be full of ups and downs for students. There may be a possibility of differences with children this week. The support of luck will be helpful for you. This week, your financial condition may improve.

Aquarius: This week, Aquarius natives may get success in love affairs. This week your family and married life will remain very good. This week may prove to be auspicious for unmarried natives. Money may be spent on house and land related works. Situation will remain good in the workplace, especially for people associated with business.

Pisces: This week, laziness and anger can trouble the people of Pisces. The week will give normal results in terms of work. This week, unnecessary running around and expenditure can cause you trouble. Any investment made earlier can give you profit this week. Married life will be normal and the situation between lovers will be good.

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